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10 Must-Have Kitchen Hacks

If you are one of those who refrains from cooking at home thinking it’ll eat up too much time or will be too complicated and something or the other might go wrong, arm yourself with these genius kitchen hacks that are not only a great time-saver but also guarantee fuss-free cooking.

10 Must-Have Kitchen Hacks

  1. Love eating puris but scared of the oil going straight to your waist? Indians love eating deep fried puris – be it with potato bhaji, chole, or just about anything. But we are also a weight conscious lot. So how can you eat your puris and manage to keep the excess oil away? Refrigerate puris for 10-15 mins before frying. This will ensure that puris get puffed up perfectly when you put them in hot oil without soaking much of it.
  2. Cut potatoes turning black from oxidization? Store diced potatoes in cold water and cover the container. This will prevent the starch from releasing and oxidizing the vegetable.
  3. Bananas rotting too soon? Separate each banana from the bunch or if keeping together, wrap the end of the bunch with a plastic wrap. This increases the shelf life of bananas and you can enjoy them fresh for long.
  4. Yearn to eat restaurant style rotis/paranthas at home? Add a little milk when kneading the  dough. Your rotis/paranthas will turn out perfectly soft and will stay that way for long. Say hello to melting soft rotis in your lunchbox !
  5. Added too much salt by mistake? No worries – just add 2-3 spoons of milk to neutralize and strike a balance. If that’s not possible – use a raw potato to do the trick. It will soak excess salt.
  6. Is sticky rice one of your pet peeves? It’s common for rice to stick together when boiling and if you have to serve it after some time, it looks like a mass of rice on the plate. Avoid this situation by adding a teaspoon of ghee or a few drops of lemon when the rice is boiling. Both prevent sticking and you get perfectly separated, well cooked rice.
  7. Love eating french fries but wish for a healthier version? With monsoons upon us, it’s natural to crave a plate of french fries with tomato ketchup and a hot cup of tea. Worried of piling on the kilos, thanks to the deep frying that’s required? Boil the potatoes before frying them – they will soak less oil and your plate of french fries will be ready sooner! When it comes to reheating french fries, they often get soggy when microwaved. The trick – cover the microwave container with cling foil and then microwave. This will help retain the crispiness of french fries.
  8. Think eggs don’t have a best-before date? You’re wrong: Contrary to popular perception, eggs have a shelf life too as the fluid inside them evaporates from the porous shell, leaving gas behind. How do you tell if an egg is good to eat or not? Place the raw egg in a bowl containing cold water. If it floats, it’s gone bad. If it sinks, it’s good to eat.
  9. Do you end up spilling milk every time you leave it to boil? Place a spoon on top of the milk vessel and yes, don’t forget to lower the flame if you are going away. The spoon will prevent the milk from spilling out of the vessel.
  10. Wish to keep your birthday cake fresh for longer? It’s not always possible to finish the entire cake when you have a birthday party at home. Preserve the leftover cake by securing bread to its exposed portions with the help of toothpicks. The bread helps to seal the cake’s moisture in, preventing the cream in the cake from going sour too soon.

Whether you are a pro or a newbie at kitchen matters, these hacks are sure to help you manage in food storage, cooking, preparing, and dealing with leftovers. Happy cooking!

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