Nothing can equate the joy of cooking delicious food at home or more satisfying than a home-cooked meal, made from fresh ingredients and garnished with a generous portion of love for your loved ones.

At Awesome Chef our mission is to help you discover the joy of cooking. Whether you are a veteran of the kitchen or a novice, we want you to cook & enjoy delicious food at home.

We create awesome recipes that are easy to prepare, source the ingredients, allowing you to focus on other things, and deliver it straight to your door so you can cook a delicious meal at home.

Joy of Cooking

Studies say, cooking is a stress buster and families that cook together, stay together! We, at Awesome Chef, strongly believe in this and it is our humble contribution in promoting the art.
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Pre-measured Ingredients

Our DIY (do-it-yourself) meal kits comes with pre-measured ingredients that ensure the perfect taste and quality of the food. This ensures that you spend less time in shops and more “me-time”.

All our meal kits serve a minimum of two people.


You know what goes into your dish. No more “secret” or hidden ingredients that could do you more harm than good.
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Reduce wastage

Our pre-measured ingredients ensure that you only have what is required for the dish. Thus, there is no worry of food going waste or lying unused in the pantry.
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Save money

As the cost of eating out increases regularly, you can save money by preparing the same restaurant style food at home, at a fraction of the cost!
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Delivered to you

We help you save time with our home deliveries.

Make Time Your Friend

By ordering from Awesome Chef, you do not have to spend countless hours trying to find the right ingredients or getting stuck in long queues. We got it all covered so that you get to spend that extra time with your loved ones or pursuing your hobby.