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Health Benefits of Capsicum

Capsicum is a vegetable known by many, as it is used in a variety of dishes, be it salad, breads, rice or gravy. But what we do not know, is the abundance of goodness it offers. The crunchy veggie, also known as bell peppers, is an ancient member of the pepper family. Cultivated in America, capsicum is almost 900 years old and comes in three different variants: yellow, green and red.

Health Benefits of Capsicum

Here are some of the benefits this underrated vegetable provides:

Aids in weight loss

If you are on a constant struggle to shed weight, then capsicum is definitely your best friend. The chemical compound called capsaicin present in capsicum produces a thermogenic effect, which increases the metabolism of the body. This enables to burn the extra calories, thus, making it easier for you to lose weight. So do not forget to add capsicum to your diet to accelerate the fat burning process.

Immunity booster

Increased cell damage accounts to lower immunity. Capsicum is rich in vitamin C, which is a great antioxidant with anti inflammatory properties that prevents cell damage. It also increases the production of collagen that helps to maintain healthy skin. Vitamin K present in capsicum ensures strong bones and muscles and a healthy body altogether, thereby, protecting your body from any possible infection and disease.

Great detoxifying agent

It is essential to flush out the toxins regularly in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the organs. Intake of capsicum cleanses the body and gets rid of toxins and mucous from lungs and mucous membranes through sweat. Make sure you add those bell peppers to your juice or salad in order to feel fresh and healthy.

Promotes easy digestion

Capsicum keeps several digestive problems at bay. Vitamin B6 prevents the stomach from bloating. Capsicum is a source of fibre which eases the digestion process by eliminating toxins. Laxative properties of capsicum enable easy bowel movements and prevent constipation.

Reduces anxiety

Anxiety occurs due to several reasons and it is common to feel anxious and jittery if you are about to get your periods. Capsicum is a rich source of nutrients, magnesium and vitamin B6 that reduces your anxiety levels. Increasing the intake of capsicum before getting your periods can reduce the risk of anxiety caused by PMS.

Prevents cancer

Capsicum is a rich source of phytonutrients and antioxidants. Its anti – inflammatory properties prevents excessive inflammation and oxidation, which are the main causes of cancer. Capsaicin kills cancer cells, thus, preventing them from binding with DNA. Sulphur compounds and various other enzymes present in capsicum prevent several types of cancer like – oesophageal cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer, cervix cancer, bladder cancer. Making capsicum an essential part of your diet makes you immune to cancer.

Good for the heart

Capsicum improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol levels and prevents blood clotting. Potassium present in capsicum lowers the blood pressure. This enables normal pumping of blood. Good circulation of blood flow means good functioning of the heart. Folate and vitamin B6 present in capsicum lowers homocysteine and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Improves eyesight

Not many of us are aware that capsicum imparts healthy vision. Being an excellent source of   vitamin A, vitamin C and beta-carotene; capsicum provides excellent nourishment for the eyes. It also prevents cell damage, thereby, preventing diseases like cataracts that is caused due to aging.

Stimulates hair growth

Capsicum is a rich source of silicon that aids in the growth of healthy hair. It also improves blood circulation. Increased blood circulation to the scalp strengthens the hair follicles. Being a rich source of vitamin C, capsicum increases the formation of collagen. This reduces hair fall, increases hair growth and improves the texture of hair, making it silky and shiny.

Helps in maintaining the youthful radiance

Change in lifestyle, increased exposure to sun rays and pollution can cause several skin problems like wrinkles, skin discoloration and pigmentation. Skin problems are caused by cell damage. Collagen formation and antioxidants present in capsicum protects the skin cells from damage and aging. Abundant nutrients present in capsicum makes your skin flawless, supple and radiant.

Apart from using these juicy vegetables to impart flavour, incorporate them to your regular diet in order lead healthy beautiful and youthful life.

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