My Low Carb Story

My name is Anjali and I’m the creator of the EAT FIT GET FIT program.


I was always a plump child, not particularly athletic and always loved food. During early college days, attempts with fat burners and protein shakes and a portion control approach over eating helped me reach a healthy weight. But it was not sustainable. With my career taking off and stepping into the 30’s, health and nutrition was the least of my priorities and the weight slowly started creeping in.

In 2016, I co-founded my food start-up with my partner, Praveen Kumar. It was also the beginning of routine that constantly revolved around food tasting, marketing, managing all the activities and stress that comes with running a startup.  Sadly, this took a toll on my personal health and there came a day when the scales were inching towards 90 Kg.


The year 2017 was a wake-up call. By this time, my weight had increased alarmingly to the point where I refused to even go near a weighing machine. I was embarrassed to shop as some wouldn’t have a dress in my size and had to resort to buying loose fit clothes. I also had a severe addiction to sugar-y foods. Despite knowing that it would increase my weight, I wasn’t able to stop myself from eating some after every meal.


None of the diets had worked so far. And I hated the gym! I had a massive problem.


That was when I was introduced to Indian LCHF. The new terminology and fact that it promoted high fats intrigued me. I immediately started my efforts to learn more about it. My research led me to educating myself and connecting with various doctors, nutritionists and practitioners of the diet to understand the reality behind this science. I was finally convinced.


I switched to LCHF Diet in 2017 and have not looked back ever since. I had begun my journey of freedom and taking back control!


2 months into the Keto diet and following it at my own pace, I realized that I was enjoying this new way of eating and was experiencing many other benefits that came along. I was feeling more energetic, lost the lethargy and could see my skin clearing up.


 4 months into the diet, my husband decided to adopt the diet for himself and lost close to 10 Kgs of unhealthy fats within 8 weeks.


There has been no looking back since then. This became my new normal and I have come to love my new, healthier self.

Anjali Anand - Eat Fit Get Fit Transformation Story

What benefits did I experience with the LCHF Diet

  • Lost 20+ Kilos of weight
  • Dropped dress size from 3XL to L.
  • Overcome anaemia
  • Improved digestion and gut function
  • Higher energy levels and increased stamina
  • Increased fitness and endurance levels
  • Improved muscle mass
  • Look Younger
  • Skyrocketing confidence levels
  • Certified Green Belt in Karate

About Awesome Chef

Awesome Chef was founded in 2016 by Anjali and Praveen to help people eat healthy by enabling them to cook delicious and healthy meals at their own homes.


Awesome Chef was creating DIY (Do it Yourself) meal kits that allowed even a novice cook turn into a Master Chef.


As they progressed, their vision was to create meal plans that truly helped people manage their health. The intent was to enable people to adopt a food lifestyle that would significantly and positively impact their health.  


This led to an in-depth research into various diets, eventually leading them to a conclusion that the LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) dietary approach was the most appropriate due to its health benefits and sustainability factor.


Before rolling this out to customers, they decided to experience the results first-hand by adopting the diet, rather than depending on hear-say. Once this was opened up to their customers, the concept received an overwhelming response.  


However, during the course of their research and product marketing, they realized that the number of obese and diabetic people were only increasing in count each day. Many of them wished to become healthy, but did not know what to do or where to start. 


This insight, coupled with Anjali’s success with LCHF, led to the creation of the EAT FIT GET FIT Low Carb transformative program in Chennai.

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