Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Seasoned, sautéed boneless chicken breast and penne are bathed in a savoury garlic and Cheddar Alfredo sauce. The result is a mouth-watering dish that one can’t beat!

Serves: 2 people
Ease of Cooking: Easy
Spiciness: N/A
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There are some dishes that beat the blues out of a long and tiring day. Cheese is definitely one such booster. This creamy sauce is loaded with Cheddar cheese, generous portions of chicken and packed with flavours. When you make our version of the Alfredo Pasta at home, we guarantee that you would be in such a comfort zone that never ever will a take away or a restaurant style Alfredo sauce amaze you any more.

1 review for Chicken Alfredo Pasta

  1. Bhavani

    I never knew i could make pasta at home, let alone a chicken alfredo.
    Everyone at home loved it.

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