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Romantic Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

The day of romance is just around the corner and restaurants are buzzing with love birds reserving their seats to make the day special. Getting dressed up and hitting your favourite restaurant or bar doesn’t sound as fancy as it seems to be. With restaurants brimming with couples at every corner and the noisy bars are complete mood spoilers. So it’s high time we ditched the clichéd V-Day regime and did something fun instead.

Home gives you the warmth and comfort and hands down is the best place to cuddle with your partner. Are you already imagining how much fun it would be? Hold on there and scroll down to plan some exotic home style romance to rejoice your love. No reservations, no worry of being watched and a night filled with endless cuddles. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?

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Romantic Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

Time to fill the bucket

Always looking to spike up the excitement quotient, Why not plan it with your beau? Grab a paper and pen and make your very own bucket list for a life time. This is a great idea to make this never-ending journey more fun and romantic.  Set up couple goals – no matter how trivial or significant they are. Strike them off one at a time and make everyday Valentine’s Day.

Freeze the moment in your camera

V-Day is the perfect excuse for a romantic photo shoot. Nothing is more romantic than celebrating your love on this special night. Capturing the moment is the best you can do to relish it forever. Decorate your room and get your camera ready to make your pictures speak about your love. After a couple of years down the line when you look back at these cute pictures, you’ll definitely relive the moment and thank yourself for clicking these pictures.

Time to bring the game on

Nothing is more exciting than spending the night sitting on the couch and playing silly games with your partner. Roll up your sleeves, stack a pile of cards or call it a board game or get into some action in your play station. And we promise you’ll be screaming, grinning and laughing your hearts out all night long.

Fire up the BBQ

Grill some hot barbecues under the stars. Are you swooning yet? Go to your terrace. Have a backyard? Even better! Set up the barbecue and grill some finger-licking barbecues whilst listening to soft music. Gobble them up with some wine.

Have fun with some cheesy dance moves

This one’s an oldie but a goody! Regardless of how cliché it may sound, no one’s bored of dancing with their loved one. Agree? Play some romantic numbers and sway your body to the beat and you would not regret. Yet another romantic way to be in your partner’s arms all day long. If you are crazy love birds, then don’t miss to bring the madness on with some crazy dance moves with loud, fast music.

Get ready for Some Desi style romance

Are you someone who loves to keep it simple, but a sucker for desi food? This one’s for you. Ditch exotic meals and cook some zesty Indian chaat instead. It is super simple and fun when you cook as a couple; and not to say is mouth-watering to devour the golgappas, bhelpuris and pav bhajis. This sure is a delicious way to celebrate your love.

Movie marathon

This is as simple as popping a ginormous bowl of popcorn. Cuddle up in your bed with a bowl of popcorn (with extra butter), Switch on your DVD and play your favourite trilogy or just watch all your favourite movies back to back. Can this date get any cosier?

Build your paradise under the moon-lit sky

Not kidding! All you need are a couple of blankets. Make a tent at your favourite corner of the terrace. Carry your bed and some munchies; and you are all set for the most romantic date of your life. You can also play some music that is sure to take this romantic set up to a whole new level. A breezy talk in your very own paradise under the beautiful sky – bet you couldn’t ask for a better date than this.

Celebrate the day of romance your way and may everyday be Valentine’s Day!

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