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Eat Fats to Burn Fat

by anjali

Dairy : An easy source of healthy fats & proteins.

Are you someone who has completely ditched fats from your diet expecting to witness miraculous weight loss? What if we told you are doing it wrong? You are not alone! We’ve all fallen for the “fat makes you fattermyth that sounds dangerously convincing. Adding fats when you are looking to cut down fats may seem absurd. But having a clear picture about how this works will help you understand this concept better.

Not all calories are the same

In order to get rid of the stubborn fat, you keep an eye on what you eat in order to cut down your calories. So the first step you take is eliminating fats as their calories content is comparatively higher and go for carbs to meet your energy requirements as they are low in calories. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way at all. It is not the number of calories you take that matters, but where it comes from is what matters.

To make this simple, the 500 Kcal from your bag of fries, for instance, is way different from the 160 calories from an avocado or 2 eggs. So you need to be careful about where you get your calories from and not just how many you take in.

Carbs are your secret enemy

Fats for the longest time have been associated with junk, that instantly scares people with the very thought of incorporating fats in their diet. But all the carbs, sugar, low-fat and diet-friendly food that you’ve been having in place of fats are your enemies that have been secretly storing all the fats in your body. Shocking right? You’d understand it better if you understood how you gain fat.

Our body has evolved in a manner to cope up with starvation as meeting with daily food requirement was a difficult task during early ages. So, our body stores up all the fat in our fat cells to cope up with a possible starvation in the future, as the body needs food for its sustenance.

When you eat carbs and sugars, the brain triggers insulin secretion. Insulin helps to convert carbs into sugar or glucose which is burnt by the body as energy. Further more, only a portion of the carbs gets converted to energy. The remaining glucose along with the fats, that is yet to be burnt, gets stored in the liver as fats cells. Once the liver runs out of space, it starts accumulating in other regions of the body. While fat storage is essential as part of the survival mode, excess storage is what leads to obesity.

Why are fats important for you?

We are all aware that we are what we eat. Fats are essential nutrients that your body needs to thrive. Most of us are alarmed hearing the presence of fats and voluntarily destroy our health by depriving the body from its essential nutrients. Fats play a major role in nourishing your body, building the cell membranes, building and regulating hormone production, charging your body with energy, growth and improving your metabolism and immunity. So it’s necessary for you to meet your fat requirements by adding more fats in our diet.

Fats over carbs

Studies have proven that consuming more fats than carbs are known to show significant results in weight loss. Here is why-

As mentioned earlier, we are now aware of the fact that increased intake of carbs spike up insulin levels leading to a significant increase in our waistline. While carbs lead to storage of fats, fats help in cutting down fats. When you consume more fats, your body solely uses fats to meet its energy requirement. In the process, not only what you eat, but the nasty build up of fats in your body get used up too. The elimination of unwanted fats keeps you fit and healthy.

While carbs make you feel dull and low in energy, fats charge up your body and improve your metabolism. Besides that, you are safe from the episodes of craving and overeating as fats keep you fuller and energetic for a longer period of time.

It is also proven that people, who increased their fats intake, while cutting down carbs drastically, burned calories quickly, showed improvement in cholesterol levels and were less prone to inflammation. There were also visible improvements in insulin resistance and in lowering diabetes.

Therefore, if you are in a desperate need to lose weight, tweak your diet by switching on to a higher fat diet with lower carbs. Make sure you get your source of fats from healthy whole foods like meat, fish, eggs, coconut oil, avocados etc. Make vegetables your main source of carbs as they also contain fibre, helping in satiety.

Armed with this information, let’s learn to keep our stomach full and forget counting the number of calories.

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